Quality Policy

We, at CENTENARY POLYTEX PRIVATE LTD, we shall always strive to achieve Customer Satisfaction and Confidence in our Products and Organization by Manufacturing and Supplying Good Quality Products that are safe and reliable for packing food products.

We are committed to comply with the requirements of Product quality & Food Safety standards.

Our overall Objectives are:

  • Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Maintain Good Housekeeping Practices
  • Maintain of Plant and Machinery
  • Educate and impart Training amongst all employees on Quality and Food Safety for food packaging.
  • We are committed to demonstrate our ability to control hazardous related to food safety by ensuring our packaging products have no contamination that could eventually cause a risk to health.
  • We shall mitigate physical, chemicals, and biological hazardous to meet Product quality & food safety requirements.
  • The Product quality & food safety policy shall be communicated, implemented & maintained at all levels of the organization.
  • We shall comply with all the applicable statutory & regulatory requirements related to Product quality and food safety applicable to our products.